Custom Professional Websites
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Why Us?

Of course we strive to be friendlier, more flexible, and more supportive than any other provider. And we can usually get things done faster, for less money, than most of our competition. In special situations, we leap tall buildings in a single bound!

Two important areas where we can really help:
  • Reduced Long Term Cost - Self-service saves money!
  • Collaboration Tools (Multiple Site Editors) - Sharing the load on an active website

Long Term Cost

To quote Groucho Marx on the cost of marriage..."It's not the purchase price, it's the upkeep".

Under traditional architecture and techniques, a typical site might cost $2000 or so to create, but that's not the end of the story. As your market and business change, and you offer new services to your clients, your site should adapt and grow with you. With most providers, you have to contact them to request updates, then wait for some unhappy period of time, then pay what seems to be an exorbitant rate. Maintenance for an active, well-maintained site can sometimes cost more than the purchase price each year.

But with 3 Step, when we turn your site over to you, we give you the keys to our maintenance system (the 3ngine - pronounced "engine"). Even without technical training, you can do 98% of normal day-to-day changes yourself, quickly and conveniently.

Or, if you prefer, we can post the updates for you and your cost will still be less, because the 3ngine makes it easier for us, too. (We wrote it for our own use, so we're pretty comfortable with it...).

Either way, you will save thousands of dollars with 3 Step.

Collaboration - Sharing the Work Load

For organizations like schools, chambers of commerce, and professional associations, the volume of updates can quickly become too much for one person to handle. But adding more folks to help out can cause even more trouble.

The Problem...

With conventional methods, a website is actually developed on a "home base" desktop computer, where all the content and code reside, then it's uploaded to the server. Which means that you have to use that desktop and only that desktop to maintain the site. If you copy the site to another computer and use that one too, bad things happen. Changes from the 2 independent sources will inevitably overlay each other, resulting in lost updates and confusion. If you have more than 2, exponential chaos comes at you with a vengeance. So in the end, you're still stuck with one person doing all the work.

The Solution...

With 3ngine, all the content actually lives on our server, so everybody is working with the same copy. In addition, we have built in safeguards that warn editors when others are working on a given page, and also provide for exclusive "ownership" of page(s). Most important, you can set it up so that final control over content lies with a central person. When an editor adds or modifies a page, it remains dormant (unseen by the world) until approved by an authorized person. You end up with the best of both worlds - load sharing the load, but keeping control. And you can do all this from any computer with web access - even your phone!