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Step 1 - It's Not About You...

Step 1 - We build it Your website begins with your customers and prospects...exactly who are they? What are they looking for?

To serve you well, we need to learn about your business, and clearly define the role your site should play in recruiting and serving your clients.

For instance - a good home page is not about you - it's about the the visitor(s) you want to please. Our job is to capture their attention, and immediately route them to a page designed for them. We address their needs first! When they are so inclined, they can cruise the rest of the site to learn all about you, but we guide them to their solutions first.

The test: that "important visitor" should react with..."Oh My Gosh - I'm in the right place!". If they don't, we're not doing our job.

When you tell us what your clients need, we'll show you how to get them there.

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