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How much will it cost?

We are not the cheapest provider you will find, but we strive to give the best value.

Most 3 Step sites are built for small / medium businesses, so we'll focus on those. In recent years, most of our sites have been brought live for 2500.00 or less, plus about 50.00 / month for site and email hosting, and 24X7 tech support.

A web search on "how much website cost" will yield some interesting opinions. We recommend that you spend some time looking into that.

We did the same, and 2 sites that seem reasonably grounded are and Check them out, but do your own search as well.

If you read through 5 of these, you'll find that the average minimum for an SMB site is around 5,000.00. For most folks, 3 Step can divide that by 2.

Why? Because because we get our clients involved, and make it easy for them to tell us what they want. Once the requirements are nailed down, we let the detail design evolve as we put together the pieces. We know the design is going to change along the way, and make it a point to manage that change well. Communication counts!

The important thing to our approach are never left alone and frustrated. You always have a dedicated web coach you can call on, who will answer the phone, and knows your name, and has the experience to make you succeed.

The good news is - we can improve on costs in some areas because we've created some excellent tools that make it easier. To learn more, please call us at 815.353-1016 and speak directly with one of our developers. The call is on us.

We do what it takes to deliver a comfortable, effective experience for our clients. We encourage you to talk to them - our customers bring us the majority of our new business, and are happy to share their stories.